Watch | Andy Cohen calls out Atlanta Housewife over 'homophobic' language

Andy Cohen has called out the Real Housewives of Atlanta over homophobic remarks they made during the most recent season of the reality show. One of the housewives, Kenya Moore, had implied that Kim Field's husband Chris was 'a little light in the loafers' and that he was better known around Hollywood as 'Chrissy'. Discussing it during the reunion episode sparked more speculative remarks from the other Housewives, and Andy then accused them of being "kinda gay bashy." He added that their comments were "taunting and derogatory and just not a good look." Kenya offered a snarky apology, to which Andy simply shook his head. Chris, the husband in question, then commented saying, "I have a lot of gay friends, I think they're some of the most amazing people in the world," which earned nods and approval from the rest of the cast." He added: "Somebody's sexuality has nothing to do with their character." It's not the first time Andy has raised the issue with his popular female stars. In 2015, he criticises the Real Housewives ladies for using the phrase 'my gays'. “They are not yours,” he said. “You do not own them. We are not cattle. We are not purses.” The Real Housewives of Atlanta has been running for eight successful seasons on Andy Cohen's network Bravo. More stories Complaint lodged as Cristiano Ronaldo targeted with homophobic abuse during match Andy Cohen on his friendship with Anderson Cooper: We're both daddies!