Watch: Five people destroy Pride display in Polish city

The police are looking for the men who are believed to be supporters of the right wing National Radical Camp


Five people destroyed an LGBT Pride display in a Polish city.

Organisers from the local LGBT+ group Lambda Szczecin organised the fair alongside the other fellow rights groups, Equality on Waves and the small city was set to host a Pride parade on September 15.

After decorating their stand with Pride flags and umbrellas for the fair on Sunday (September 2), five people started tearing down the rainbow decorations and within two minutes they had destroyed the entire display.

They were described as ‘football hooligans’ but some online commentators believe they belonged to the extreme-right wing National Radical Camp [ONR].

Now police are looking for the alleged vandals and Dr Piortr Godzisz, the hate crime officer from Lambda Warsaw, said: “If offenders caught, they will most likely face charges for hooliganism.

“Most likely, there will not be a penalty top-up for the homophobic motivation.”

Watch the shocking footage below: