Watch: Footballer sent off after player puts finger up his backside

A Uruguayan international footballer has been sent off for retaliating after an opposition player put his finger up his backside during a match. And believe us when we tell you that's a line we never thought we'd have to write. Chile's Gonzalo Jara made the inappropriate pass at Uruguay forward Edinson Cavani during last night's Copa America quarter-final, Sports Mole reports. jara Cavani retaliated by hitting him in the face, resulting in him being sent off after receiving a second yellow card following trouble earlier in the match. Speaking after the game, which Chile still went on to win 1-0, Uruguay coach Oscar Tabarez said Jara was intentionally trying to provoke Cavani to get him into trouble. "For the expulsion of Cavani, you can see what happened and what the challenge was," Tabarez told reporters. "I refer you to the television and photos of it, it is all there." "I can see that the referee has not seen it, but the linesman had to be able to see it from his position." The incident follows a similar episode involving Gonzalo Jara during a World Cup qualifier in 2013, when he grabbed Luiz Suarez' genitals. He was punched in the face that time as well. We can’t help but think back to last year, when Bristol Rovers footballer Lee Mansell was booked during a match after kissing Gateshead’s JJ O’Donnell on the pitch. Or last month perhaps, when an Aussie football player managed to avoid getting booked at all after groping an opposing player’s package. Won’t someone teach these sports stars how to behave? More stories: Ezra Miller in talks to star in Harry Potter spin-off “You’re in my house” – Obama shuts down heckler at White House LGBT event