Watch | Gay Aussie disco rockers The Blow Waves are back with a brand new single

Australian glam gay disco rockers The Blow Waves are back! Speaking exclusively to Attitude, singer Matt Doll said their brand spanking new song 'Do It (All Night)' was co-written with Jamie Wave and continued the band’s disco sound in the form of “strong guitar riffs and harmonies”. Screen Shot 2016-01-13 at 4.37.27 pm “We're going to record a new EP and elaborate on that,” Doll says. “Jamie and I wrote the song together. He came up with the guitar riff and I the lyrics. The band all put in with ideas and sounds. Byron produced and mixed it. “The themes are obsession, sex, and desperation but also has humour. Someone going crazy waiting for their lover to come home.” Joining Doll And Wave across four minutes of complete debauchery in the track’s accompanying film clip is John Pants, Jezz Beat and Byron Babes, which was partially filmed on location at Melbourne leather and bear institution The Laird Hotel. “Our friend Adonis directed the clip,” added Doll. “She's so chilled and fun to be around and knows the band, so we just laughed all day. In the editing, the footage screamed out to look cheap and trashy. “The creative process is fun as each member brings something different into the mix. There's other music projects we're all involved with but see The Blow Waves as the ‘mothership'.” With the single released ahead of a launch party at the end of the month in Melbourne, Doll added the band could very well be heading back across the pond to Europe. “We can't seem to stay away from each other, we're like family. A gang,” he said. Founded in 2006, The Blow Waves made their mark in the seedy back rooms of Melbourne, Adelaide and Sydney, before stamping their unique sound on Europe when their 2009 international tour saw performances in Copenhagen at the World Outgames, in Manchester for Pride celebrations, alongside gigs in London and Berlin. More stories: Daniel Radcliffe is looking seriously ripped in stunning new Vanity Fair shoot You need to see the incredible pole-dancing winner of Belgium’s Got Talent