Watch | Gay men try kissing women for first time in painfully awkward video

Women have long been gay men's natural allies in a patriarchal world run by straight men's bravado - but actuallymaking out with them can be an altogether different matter... The Human Experiment has decided to gather up a group of gay men who've never kissed a girl before to see what they make of locking lips with the opposite sex. Why? Well, why not. But either way the results are as funny and awkward as you'd expect. kiss 2   They also tried filming a second video with lesbians kissing straight men, and if anything the results were evn more excruciating - take a look at both below: More stories: Attitude’s dinner with Olly Alexander, Paris Lees, Princess Julia & Glyn Fussell (Part 1) Tributes paid as ‘selfless’ Bolton Pride volunteer and campaigner dies aged 32