Watch: Gay nurse makes hilarious Sound of Music parody to raise money for Aids charity

Otis Morgan is cycling from San Francisco to LA for AIDS/LifeCycle


A gay nurse has re-enacted The Sound of Music in a bid to raise money for an Aids charity.

Otis Morgan, 42, lives in San Francisco and, along with a group of friends, made the hilarious video which sees the nurse taking on the role as Dame Julie Andrews from the hit musical movie and sings Do Re Mi.

The video was made to try and raise money for AIDS/LifeCycle and will see the group of friends cycling from San Francisco to Los Angeles – alongside around 3,000 other bikers.

Morgan admitted to Gay Star News that he was terrified of getting his first HIV test when he was 24 but has since raised more than $150,000 for the charity.

He said: “As a child I assumed I wouldn’t live past my 30th birthday… I knew that I would die of Aids.

“Though sexually active. I didn’t get my first HIV test until I was 24. My fear of being positive outweighed my curiosity that I might be negative, which sent me into spiralling shame.

“That was around the first time I did the ride, then named California AIDS Ride, in 2000. Facing that fear and testing negative reminded me how lucky I was (because it was luck).

“It inspired me to help the cause on a bigger level.”

Although he accepts his sexuality, the nurse admitted he only came five years ago and wasn’t very well educated on how HIV was transmitted.

“I wasn’t very well educated on how HIV was transmitted,” he added.

“It was really scary growing up in a world that made me feel inferior for being gay… [It] made me think that if I got Aids, I deserved it.

“That fear was represented as shame. I was terrified to accept myself for being gay, acting out sexually making the shame effect spiral and continue.

“I come across as metrosexual and have always downplayed the possibility that I might be gay.

“Even when I worked at CAA, where two of their partners are gay. I didn’t safe coming out.

“It has only been in the last five years that I have been able to accept and love myself for being gay.”

You can donate to AIDS/LifeCycle by going on Morgan’s fund-raising page here.

Watch the video below: