Watch: Heterosexual couples forced underground in new LGBT film

A new film is exploring the nature of sex, love and discrimination by delving into a world where heterosexuality and abortion are illegal. Written and directed by Sal Bardo, Pink Moon follows a teenage heterosexual couple who must hide their relationship and abort a pregnancy in secret, while facing violence and oppression from the predominantly homosexual society in which they live. We Raise The 17-minute short film has been made available to stream online following a successful Kickstarter campaign, while Bardo is also working on a full-length feature based on the same premise, Out reports. In an essay for HuffPost last year, the director wrote about how writing the subversive screenplay made him consider how issues like abortion tied into LGBT sexual and reproductive rights. He wrote: "It was immediately after I'd completed the first draft of the script that I realized just how fundamentally tied a woman's right to choose is to lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LBGT) rights, from personal freedom, what society dictates we can and cannot do with our bodies, to the oppression and violence that has resulted in the fight to both obtain and protect those rights." Watch Pink Moon in its entirety below: More stories: Watch: What do men associate the word ‘gay’ with? Hillary Clinton and Ellen DeGeneres support a gay kid with heartwarming words