Watch: Hillary Clinton admits she could have supported gay marriage sooner in SNL skit

Hillary Clinton has poked fun at herself for not supporting gay marriage sooner in a new skit for Saturday Night Live. The former Secretary of State, who is currently the frontrunner to be named the Democrats' 2016 presidential candidate, admitted she could have backed equality sooner while playing a woman named 'Val' who serves Hillary Clinton (played by SNL's Kate McKinnon) in a bar. hillary As actor Taran Killam enters the bar and thanks 'Hillary' for all she’s done for gay marriage, the former First Lady tells her pseudo-self: "It really is great how long you supported gay marriage." "Yes," replies McKinnon's Clinton, before adding pointedly: "I could have supported it sooner." "Well, you did it pretty soon," says Hillary. "It could have been sooner," counters McKinnon. To which the real Hillary admits: "Fair point." Clinton has made LGBT issues a high priority in her presidential campaign and notably included a soon to be married same-sex couple in her campaign launch video. Despite backing civil unions during her 2008 campaign and declaring that "gay rights are human rights and human rights are gay rights" at the United Nations in 2011, the 67-year-old only backed full marriage equality in 2013, leading some to call her support opportunistic. More stories: Parry Glasspool bares bum in Hollyoaks shower scenes Watch: French firemen strip off for charity calendar