Watch: Jimmy Kimmel plays 'Gay couple or just friends?'

It's a question we've often asked ourselves on the streets of Soho: Are they a couple or just friends? And it seems Jimmy Kimmel is also struggling in the wake of the introduction of same-sex marriage throughout the United States, so he's decided to put his instinct to the test on people on the streets of New York. jimmy 2 “For the past few days, every time I see two men or two women together I feel like I should congratulate them but I don’t because you don’t know if people are a couple or just friends,” Kimmel told viewers earlier this week. “It’s a dilemma we all face. So tonight we thought we would take that dilemma and make dilemma-nade.” See if you can play and long and work out which pairs are couples and which are just friends below: More stories: Tennis star Stanislas Wawrinka bares all in new ESPN shoot Kids explain gay marriage for Jimmy Kimmel