Watch: Kanye West meets Caitlyn Jenner for the first time

Caitlyn Jenner's eagerly-anticpated reality series I Am Cait kicked off the in States on Sunday (July 26), and showed the moment the reality star and former gold medal-winning Olympian first revealed her transition to her step-daughter Kim Kardashian and husband Kanye West. Jenner has previously credited the hip-hop star with being one of the most accepting members of her extended family, and for helping Kim to come to terms with her transition, and in a clip released by E!, West has some empowering words of support for the transgender star. kanye "I think it’s one of the strongest things that have happened in our existence as human beings, that are so controlled by perception - you couldn’t have been up against more," Kanye tells Caitlyn. "Your daughter’s a supermodel, you’re a celebrity. You have every type of thing, and it was still like, 'Fuck everybody, this is who I am'." I Am Cait is an eight-part series which will follow Jenner's journey as she transitions and adjusts to public life as arguably the most famous transgender person in the world. The series has already drawn praise for not only focusing on the 65 year-old's personal story, but for highlighting the violence faced by other, less privileged, transgender people across the United States. Watch the touching moment between Kanye and Cait below: I Am Cait premieres in the UK on August 2 on E! More stories: Colin Farrell to serve as best man at brother's wedding Years & Years’ Olly Alexander had some advice on how to treat gay guys