Watch: Kids explain gay marriage for Jimmy Kimmel

As the US celebrates the Supreme Court’s historic ruling legalising same-sex marriage across all 50 states, chat show host Jimmy Kimmel has decided to see how the nation's kids are coping with the change. It's predictably adorable, not to mention hilarious. As well as seemingly pretty clued up and definitely unfazed by the idea of the boys and boys and girls and girls tying the knot, the kids are some pretty sound wedding advice. jimmy kimmel Like when should people get married: “In the afternoon.” And why you should think twice before you do: “Because when you get married the other person is entitled to any money the other person has.” Watch the results below: If you want some more affirmation that the future is in good hands, check out this video of kids reacting to Caitlyn Jenner's transition. Meanwhile, a nurse form Pennsylvania has taken to Facebook to recall why the Supreme Court's ruling is so important - and the resulting story was heartbreaking. More stories: Watch: Dad bikes 545 miles in memory of gay son who died of AIDS Watch: NYPD officer dirty dances at Pride