Watch | Lindsay Lohan joins Duran Duran for London O2 Arena performance

Lindsay Lohan has made an unexpected comeback to the musical world after joining Duran Duran for a performance at London's O2 Arena. The band welcomed Lohan to the stage on last night (December 9) for their rendition of 'Dancephobia', a track from their latest album, Paper Gods, which features a spoken-word interlude from the 29-year-old actress and former teen icon. lohan In September, Duran Duran lead singer Simon Le Bon told People magazine that the guest spot came about because he's known the Mean Girls star for "years and years and years." "I met her in New York when we were both appearing on the Regis and Kelly show, believe it or not, so we stayed in contact in a relaxed way," Le Bon said. "She texted me, and I said, 'Well, I'll try and find a slot for you.' And then 'Dancephobia' came up. We really needed something special for that little space in the song, and Lindsay delivered 100 percent." Le Bon added, "She's very special. I'm really proud that we've got her on it." And we're proud that Lindsay - who's adopted London as her new home since treading the West End boards in Speed the Plow last year - is back behind a microphone. Okay, so it's a spoken word performance, but the sight of Li-Lo back on stage is all the excuse we need to fire up a campaign to get her back in the studio at the nest possible opportunity. https://twitter.com/duranduran/status/674358159943802880 https://twitter.com/LohanItaly/status/674377710588833796 https://twitter.com/lindsaylohan/status/674397198696648704 "#o2 what an honour" Lohan wrote on Instagram after the surprise appearance. "God works in mysterious ways". And simply because who knows when we'll have an excuse to post it again, here's Lindsay's transcendent 2004 single 'Over' for your nostalgic enjoyment... More stories: Gay teen shares is story to raise awareness of male rape in the UK Watch | MTV documentary takes a look at the secret lives of ‘gay for pay’ porn stars