Watch: Lorraine shocks viewers with X-rated quip to Piers Morgan

It's moments like this that make us feel our decision to award Lorraine Kelly 'Honorary Gay' at last month's Attitude Awards is ENTIRELY justified. Lozza dropped a little x-rated double entendre into morning television today, shocking viewers during a segment with commentator Piers Morgan. Lorraine Piers emerged on set wearing a kilt and brandishing a gift bag for the host, who celebrates her 56th birthday today. "What do you get for the woman who's had everyone - who's had everything?" he asked. Nice try, Piers, but if you're going to try dropping filthy sexual innuendos into breakfast television, you've come up against a master here. Unwrapping her present - a cushion with a picture of Piers' face on it - Lorraine exclaimed, "Look what he's got me. I can sit on your face now!" Our favourite moment: A split second later, when Lorraine lets out a quiet, pained "Ooh!" and stares directly into the barrel of the camera with a panicked look on her face. Yes, you just said that on live television. Check it out below - love you long time, Lozza: More stories: UPDATE: Lorraine has just tweeted us this A+ explanation: https://twitter.com/reallorraine/status/671313990224605184 Exclusive: Model Roger Frampton’s shirtless workout Pics | HIV-positive guys strip off to combat stigma in hot new shoot