Watch: Madonna brings Katy Perry onstage for a spanking

Fans at last night's Rebel Heart show in Inglewood, California (October 27) were treated to quite the eyeful after Madge welcomed fellow pop behemoth Katy Perry to the stage. The Queen of Pop - who helped a gay couple get engaged during the tour's recent stop in Edmonton, Cananda - brought Katy on for her now-legendary, banana-heavy 'Unapologetic Bitch' segment, and one thing's for sure: you wouldn't get THIS during a Taylor Swift guest spot. madge Footage posted by audience members showed the incredible yet completely bizarre image of Katy being spanked and kicked while sticking her head between her legs, while other footage showed the duo grinding and slut-dropping left right and centre. Rest assured, this one's gonna stay with us. https://instagram.com/p/9X4Bfqkebq/ https://twitter.com/BAHjournalist/status/659271490475454466 Taking to her own Instagram after the show, Madge wrote: "Sharing a banana with Katy Perry!! Highlight of my show at the Forum! Thanks Katherine." https://instagram.com/p/9YCml0mEb7/ Katy meanwhile shared a video of herself onstage thanking her "mom" for the, erm, honour? https://instagram.com/p/9YLmtVP-SB/ As ever, all of this leaves us questioning just what on EARTH will she have planned when the tour hits the UK in just four weeks time... Sharing a nectarine with Lisa Scott-Lee perhaps? More stories: Marc Jacobs responds to ‘wild, 10-person orgy’ reports in spectacular style Win £500 store credit at MR PORTER