Watch: Madonna gives Anderson Cooper an onstage spanking

Madonna has continued to demonstrate that she knows what we want from an evening of musical entertainment after inviting Anderson Cooper onstage for a spanking session. The Queen of Pop invited the hunky CNN host to dance with her during Saturday night's Rebel Heart tour stop at Brooklyn's Barclays Center, where she proceeded to do the decent thing and dry-hump him on stage to Unapologetic Bitch. before gifting him with a banana. sanderson Cooper certainly looked like he was enjoying himself - though sadly he didn't got to town on his fruity reward with quite the same vigour as last week's defiantly enthusiastic fan. In the obligatory post-show Instagram post, Madge wrote: "Anderson thanks for being my Bitch tonight!!! Hope you enjoyed the Banana!!" https://instagram.com/p/71xWnEmEV-/ And understandably reeling after living the ultimate gay fantasy for a night, Cooper wrote: "I still can't believe this just happened". https://instagram.com/p/71sUiukkGJ/ https://instagram.com/p/71sD43kkFc/ The only question is, after Amy Schumer and now Anderson, who'll be joining the musical icon for her UK shows this December? More stories: ABC news reporter stages adorable proposal under Eiffel Tower Watch: Scottish hero drowns out anti-gay preacher with bagpipes