Watch: Madonna helps gay couple get engaged during Rebel Heart Tour

The Queen of Pop took a break from onstage spankings and banana distribution during her show in Edmonton, Canada, earlier this week to personally help one couple fulfill that ultimate gay fantasy: getting engaged at a Madonna concert. Footage filmed at Sunday night's concert shows the iconic entertainer goading one man in the front row to pop the question to his partner in front of the arena before personally tossing them a bouquet. madonna2 "I love you with all my heart, Chad. Will you marry me, please?" says a man named Jan as Madge turns the microphone on the pair. "You may kiss the bride," the Living For Love singer says as the newly-engaged couple kiss to cheers from the audience. "You forgot the most important part. You need to catch the bouquet," she adds, before putting on a crucifix a member of the audience has handed her. "Thank you. You get a bouquet, I get a crucifix. It all works out." Madonna’s Rebel Heart Tour hits the UK at London’s O2 arena on December 1 & 2, Manchester on December 14, Birmingham on December 16 and Glasgow on December 20. US producer and Rebel Heart collaborator Diplo recently defended Ms Ciccone against the backlash she’s been facing of late, saying that people no longer wanted her to succeed in the industry because of her age and sex –click here to find out more. Meanwhile, a full thirty-minute reel of unseen outtakes from the star’s legendary Vogue video have found their way onto the internet – check out the never-before-seen footage here. More Madonna on attitude.co.uk: Darren Hayes on why the world needs a brilliant new Madonna album 10 recent Madonna songs that prove the Queen of Pop hasn’t lost it