Watch: Nick Jonas works out shirtless in Scream Queens

Say what you like about Scream Queens creator Ryan Murphy, he knows what the public want. Murphy's newest creation made its TV debut in the US this week, with singer, actor and certified hottie Nick Jonas in a leading role - as gay frat boy Boone. In the opening episode, Boone takes some time out for a shirtless workout and a little muscle worship. YES WE HAVE GIFS: nick-jonas-workout-0 nick-jonas-workout-2 tumblr_nv3xb8Z56p1u9e89no3_500 tumblr_nv4udiXACR1qd6639o1_500 Oh my stars. Jonas has already said he feels 'honoured' to be able to play a strong gay character on the show - Nick, we're just honoured you've blessed us with this scene. Here's more from the scene in question - set to the music of Kylie Minogue, as if it wasn't gay enough already: Scream Queens airs in the US Tuesdays at 8pm ET on Fox, and will debut in the UK on E4 this autumn. More stories: Can you guess who this massive mid-noughties pop star is? Watch: Britney Spears pranks hot bodyguard for hidden camera show