Watch: Parents introduce son to gay dating apps

We all remember our big coming out moment, but we imagine for most it didn't go quite like this... A hilarious new video sees one closeted boy celebrating his 19th birthday, only to be presented with a smartphone by his overly-familiar parents, who've been "looking at his search history for years" and have now set him up with a profile on the gay dating app under the name 'RagingBottom96'. jack'd "It's okay honey, it's not a big deal. I mean, your father and I used to go to key parties all the time, and more often than not I didn't end up with a man, let's just say that," his mother tells him. Frankly, the rest of the language is definitely not printable here, but watch the video in full below. You won't be disappointed. More stories: Ryan Reynolds: ‘I support gay marriage because I’m not a monster’ Natalia Kills changes name to Teddy Sinclair