Watch | Policeman finds more than he bargained for while frisking a frisky suspect

A police officer in United States has demonstrated sometimes you really can be too good at your job. A new viral video has taken off online, after viewers noticed the surprise an officer gets frisking an apparently rather frisky suspect after arriving to an apartment building where he had been seen acting strangely. police After removing his shirt and rolling up his jeans, the man apparently proceeded to swing and whip his belt around the lobby, while also mooning the disturbed bystanders. While no one was hurt in the incident, the real kicker comes when law enforcement arrives on the scene As one of the officers handcuffs the man, he frisks the suspect for anything he really shouldn’t be having on him. But instead of finding any illicit objects, the officer gets the surprise of his life when he realises he’s wrapped his gloved hand not around a gun, but on a weapon of an entirely different kind... It’s a pretty easy mistake to make, and we have to commend the officer for his diligence. The clip has prompted a string of hilarious comments across Reddit. "My favourite part is the look on the dude's face," said one user. "He's like 'Is he really gonna.. woah.. woah ... WOAH! Alrighty then, yep, he went for it'." Another added: "I love it when he's like, 'Yup Jerry, I just stroked a penis'." More stories: Watch | This New York-based photographer takes d**k pics for a living Daniel Radcliffe is looking seriously ripped in stunning new Vanity Fair shoot