Watch | Steve Grand's cover of 'All I Want for Christmas' is all kinds of adorable

Look, Mariah Carey's 'All I Want for Christmas Is You' will forever be our definitive Christmas song. That's a fact. But after hearing US country singer Steve Grand's gorgeous acoustic cover of the festive classic and seeing the equally gorgeous video he's release to accompany it, our allegiance is being severely tested. In fact, the new clip is so bloody adorable that the only thing more adorable we can think of is when Steve accepted that cute young US Marine's invitation to his military ball earlier this year. steve Accompanying the new video's release on Facebook, Grande – who was recently involved in a bit of an awkward TV interview after the host didn’t realise he was gay –  wrote: "I wasn’t ever too keen on the idea of doing a Holiday song, but a lot of you have requested that I do one (and I didn’t want to be a big ole’ Grinch), so here is my little gift to you, for all your love and support through these last 2.5 years." As always Steve, the pleasure is ALL ours. Watch the video below and download the song here. If you need us, we'll be weeping into our eggnog. More stories: Steve Grand defends skimpy, ‘stereotypically gay’ swimwear Sheffield rugby team release NFSW teaser for naked charity calendar Parry Glasspool, James Hill and more strip off to give us an early Christmas present