Watch the creepy first trailer for gay serial killer movie 'My Friend Dahmer'

It's not everyday a clean-cut former Disney star takes on the role of one of the world's most notorious serial killers, but that's exactly what eerie new drama My Friend Dahmer has in store for cinema-goers this autumn. 21-year-old Ross Lynch - until now best known for wholesome turns in the likes of Teen Beach Movie - will play 'Milwaukee Cannibal' Jeffrey Dahmer in the upcoming physiological thriller from Marc Meyers, and we've now got our first proper look at the film in the form of an appropriately eerie trailer. Based on Derf Backderf’s non-fiction graphic novel of the same name, My Friend Dahmer charts the troubled teenage years of a man who would go on to kill and dismember at least 17 men and boys between 1978 and 1991. The film caused quite the buzz when it premiered at New York’s Tribeca Film Festival back in April, and Ross's intense, unsettling appearances in the trailer alone are enough cause a lasting impression. Born in Wisconsin in 1960, Jeffrey Dahmer committed his first murder at the age of 18 before going on to become one of the world’s most prolific serial killers and sex offenders. The former US army medic often performed acts of both cannibalism and necrophilia after killing his victims; many of whom he picked up in or around gay bars. He was arrested in 1991 after a man he had invited back to his apartment and handcuffed escaped and alerted police. Despite being diagnosed with borderline personality disorder, schizotypal personality disorder, and a psychotic disorder following his arrest, Dahmer was found to be legally sane at his trial and was handed 15 life sentences in 1992. He was killed in prison by a fellow inmate less than three years later, aged 34. My Friend Dahmer hits US cinemas this autumn. Check out the first trailer below: More stories: Queer as Folk turns 18: Where are they now? Justice League star Ezra Miller kisses male fan at Comic-Com - WATCH