WATCH: The Daily Mail put five gay men in front of an underwear model for an 'investigation'

The Daily Mail has run an "investigation" on a group of gay men. The publication fitted five men who identify as gay with eye-tracking glasses, and placed them in a room stood in front of an underwear model in his pants. According to the Mail, their intention behind the experiment was to see what body parts the men would instinctively look at. Despite this, the article seemed to suggest that researchers wanted to know if the gay men could "maintain eye contact" in front of the almost-naked model. "Toned Ade Adeniyi, 25, was tasked with stripping down to his underwear to meet our willing volunteers. But, will any of them be able to maintain eye contact during their meeting?" read the article. The results showed that most of the men who took part focused mostly on the model's chest, with none glancing down to his crotch. Commenting on their findings, The Daily Mail captioned one of the pictures in the article: "All our volunteers couldn't resist breaking eye contact to stare at our model's assets." A straight version of the investigation pondered whether men preferred women in more masculine or feminine outfits, whereas the gay version simply appeared to ponder whether gay men could resist checking out the man at all. Last year, the Daily Mail criticised divers Chris Mears and Jack Laugher for sharing a hug after winning a medal when it labelled the pair "unmanly". Watch the video below: More stories: Check out Broadway star Casey Lee Ross in his pants Victoria Beckham films ‘Carpool Karaoke’ with James Corden