Watch the first trailer for Mariah Carey's new reality show Mariah's World

Brace yourself: the life and times of the Elusive Chanteuse are coming to a TV screen near you. Yep, the first official trailer for the Mariah Carey reality show, or 'docu-series' as it's being 'credibly' billed, is here - and it looks every bit as ridiculous as we all hoped. Airing on E!, the eight-part show will offer unprecedented insight into the legendary diva's life as she he begins her 'Sweet Sweet Fantasy' tour of the UK, Europe and Africa, and plans her upcoming wedding to Australian billionaire James Packer - or, as she puts it herself: "The most important event that's ever happened." As well as rehearsal footage and an insight into the private life of the 46 or 47-year-old singer (sources vary), there are sure signs that Mariah's World will be providing enough insane Mariah-isms for us all to dine on for at least the next decade, including this gem: "I'm wearing these glasses because we're in fluorescent lighting, and I have a rule which states that I will not be seen in fluorescent lighting without sunglasses." Fans will no doubt hope the show is on a par with Mimi's iconic episode of MTV’s Cribs back in 2002, where working out in four-inch heels heels and having a chaise long in her kitchen were just some of the highlights - check out our recap of every incredible moment here. An official premiere date for Mariah's World is yet to be confirmed, but the show is set to air exclusively on E! in the coming months. More stories: Mariah Carey asked to sing with journalist, incredible awkwardness ensues Mariah Carey’s 20 Most Amazing Moments