Watch the heartwarming tale of a mother who moved to America to keep gay son safe

The Human Rights Campaign have shared a moving interview about Javier's mother sacrifices to make sure her son was safe. At six years old Javier's mother moved herself, Javier and his brother to the U.S. from Guatemala. When Javier was 16 he came out to his mother only to find she had something big to share with him too. Speaking to the Human Right Campaign he said: "Right after I came out to my mother, the first thing she told me was that it was the reason we had immigrated to the United States," "I guess I might’ve just been a very queer kid… and my mother realised it wasn’t something that was going to go away." He continued by saying: "There just came a point where my mom decided we can’t stay in this country. It’s not safe for my family, it’s not safe for me. And so, she made the sacrifice to come to the U.S." Javier’s mum had a university degree but gave up on her professional life in Guatemala to bring her sons to a place that was safer and more open to LGBT+ people. In the US Javier's mum worked as a housekeeper and still does. The video comes just before Trump becomes president, in the video Javier talks about his worries about the undocumented LGBT+ individuals if they get deported back to hostile countries. He said: "I think it is very difficult to be queer in the Latino community. There is violence against LGBTQ people. I can’t imagine all the people who are facing deportation now, how they’re going to face that hatred.” He went on to give some advice to American citizens by saying: "I think more valuable than anything, is just letting people know that you care about them. And that you’re willing to use the privilege that you have as an American citizen to fight for them." Read more: Activists hold a huge gay protest party outside Mike Pence’s house Ofcom dismisses complaints about ‘offensive’ gay best friend discussion on Loose Women