Watch the launch video of new video series 'HIV Garage'

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Drag queen Panti Bliss has teamed up with US musician John Grant for a new video series designed to help people living with HIV plan for the long road ahead by looking after their long-term health.

The HIV Garage video series aims to raise awareness of the health assessments available to people living and ageing with HIV.

Following the launch of the teaser trailer last month, the garage has officially opened its doors.

Watch the launch video below:

The series features a skilled crew of mechanics played by LGBTQ+ advocates, including Calum McSwiggan, Justin Myers, Taofique Folarin, Sadiq Ali, Paul Fleming, and former Attitude columnist Kristian Johns.

According to Kristian: “Getting older with HIV is new ground for people like me, who at one point never imagined that I'd see the age of 40.

"Getting to work alongside icons like Panti Bliss and John Grant was wonderful, but I’m particularly excited to help amplify the conversation around maintaining health as you get older with HIV, and supporting others in the LGBTQ+ community as they navigate the same path.”

Subscribe to the My Journey YouTube channel to keep an eye on the upcoming HIV Garage videos which will be released every month.

The next video in the series will see Panti Bliss flexing her muscles with the HIV Garage mechanics to highlight the importance of regular exercise if you’re someone living with HIV.

Since being launched over four years ago, the My HIV, My Rules, My Journey campaign has supported gay men living with HIV to make decisions about their health as they age, offering helpful information on taking care of your long-term health and reducing the risk of developing conditions associated with HIV as you get older.

If you’re someone living with HIV and want to find out more about HIV health assessments, go to the website to take the Health MOT to create a checklist of topics to discuss with your doctor.

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