Watch the tear-jerking moment man realises public flash mob proposal is actually for him

This one comes with a tissue warning, folks.


Three things in this life are certain: Birth, death, and the fact that everybody loves a good flash mob proposal.

For New York couple Mark and Yuval however, the moment was made even sweeter by the fact that Yuval had no idea that the flash mob was for him, until right at the last moment.


His partner Mark had been working on the stunt for months, until the day came on December 13, 2015, for his plan to finally come into fruition.

At first Yuval thought the pair had simply stumbled across a random street dance performance, even telling Mark "that's our song!" as a crowd begins to gather.

He continues to watch spectacle in front of him completely unawares, and it's only when Mark leaps up to join in during the flash mob's final moments that he twigs what's about to happen - and boy does it hit him hard.

This one comes with a tissue warning folks, so be prepared...