Watch the trailer for ground-breaking new play 'This Much'

Following smash-hit success at last year's Edinburgh Fringe Festival, This Much (or An Act of Violence Towards the Institution of Marriage) is set to take the stage in London's Soho Theatre next month. John Fitzpatrick's play follows Gar, a conflicted lover stuck between the man down on one knee with a ring, and the man who can't stop playing games. As he comes to terms with his difficult choice at a traditional wedding party, Gaz must also win a tug of war between conforming to society and being true to himself. As boundaries between audience and performers are blurred, This Much... reveals that fitting in has never been so much about being yourself. Set in an age of equal marriage, the ground-breaking new production as tough questions of all us: Do we form relationships to be happy or because or a need to fit in? John Fitzpatrick says: "We have just stumbled through a looking glass from a binary phase into an age of spectrum. Fitting in has never been so much about being yourself. A tipping point has been reached with a younger generation who are more confident in being authentic to themselves and reject labelling. "It’s not about being gay, straight or bisexual. Although This Much has a specific queer context and storyline, its themes are those that anyone faces when they feel ‘other’ to society’s norms, particularly in regard to traditional models of marriage, children and family." This Much is at the Soho Theatre from June 7 to July 2. Tickets can be purchased here. Running Time: 70 minutes Age limit: 16+ (contains adult themes and nudity) For the best deals on tickets and shows, visit tickets.attitude.co.uk. Words: Andrew Headspeath More stories: Gay Syrian couple share heartbreak over being resettled in separate countries Idina Menzel reacts to campaign to give Elsa a girlfriend in Frozen