Watch this Britain's Got Talent contestant's 'wet' acrobatic performance

  Another acrobat has left us stunned on Britain's Got Talent. On last night's show (May 21), Charlie Placais appeared on stage half naked, wearing only a pair of jeans. The acrobat quickly jumped into a bathtub filled with water and we held our breaths from there on out. BGT Charlie 2 After getting wet, and boy does he look good, he climbs a rope and performs some pretty impressive stunts. David Walliams took a particular liking to Placais as he chased after the contestant once he had finished performing. BGT Charlie 4 The comedian hugged Placais and told him he was "brilliant." Walliams then refused to let the performer go and Ant jokingly yelled, "Run, Charlie, Run!" You can watch a video of Placais' performance below:   Earlier this week another acrobatic performer had Alesha Dixon reaching for her gold buzzer before he even started. More stories: Is this Charlie by Matthew Zink’s hottest photoshoot yet? Calling all slut-shamers: ‘There’s no such thing as too much sex’