Watch: Tom Daley gets drenched for Radio 1's innuendo bingo

Innuendo bingo with Scott Mills never fails to disappoint, but the most recent edition featuring with Tom Daley is making us even more thankful for the Beeb's decision to install camera's in the Radio 1 studios. The 21-year-old appeared on the show last week to partake in the game of who can hold water in their mouth and avoid getting drenched while a series of increasingly lewd innuendos are played out, and most definitely lost (or is that won? We're not sure at this point). Either way, the hilarious results are here for us to enjoy. tom daley As well as the obvious visual, audio gems include: "I dribbled it down myself. I need a bit more explosive power in my mouth". And Tom's response to hearing an athletics commentator saying a competitor had "three top men inside him"? "Oh my goodness. [I'm in the] wrong sport". Seriously, we need some time to recover... More stories: After Queer as Folk, Charlie Hunnan isn’t phased by explicit onscreen sex Demi Lovato: ‘If a straight guy sang about experimenting they’d be uproar