Watch | Tyra Banks reprising her role as Eve Doll in 'Life-Size 2' clip

The new movie is set to air on Freeform this December


Tyra Banks has released a new scene from the upcoming Life-Size 2 movie and Eve Doll is back to her old ways.

The model took to Instagram to post a first-look at the upcoming sequel which sees her character trying to stop the Eve Doll from being discontinued.

After dialling the Eve Doll headquarters, the clip sees Tyra playing three different dolls and there is a homage to the original movie.

Fans of the film will remember Eve trying to adjust to everyday life including learning how to type things on a computer - which she never gets the hang of.

Well, it appears that Eve's computer skills are still as untech-savvy as the original.

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Surprise! Calling from Sunnyvale! 💕 #LifeSize2 is here for you on 12/2.

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First broadcast in 2000, the original Life-Size told the story of a seventh grader Casey (Lohan) who brings her doll Eve (Banks) to life after a spell to resurrect her dead mother goes wrong.

The sequel, which was first announced last year, is set to follow Eve as she helps a young woman "learn to live and love again" in what is described as "a fun, edgy, modern Christmas movie."

It was revealed that Lohan will not be reprising her role as Casey in the upcoming sequel which is slated for release on December 12.

Watch the trailer below: