Watch: What do men associate with the word ‘gay’?

The latest installment in Cut Video’s ‘One Word’ series has males of every age from 10 to 50 give their reactions to the word ‘gay’. The responses were mostly positive and ranged from “happy” to “controversial” to “equality”. Some gave their concise views on homosexuality. Some simply said, “Okay.” cut-video “I think it means two men are in love or two women are in love,” said 11-year-old Dylan. “Um, fine.” “Brother,” 42-year-old Silas said. “I have a gay brother and usually think of him when different issues come up.” Zachary, 23, responded with “different”. “The way I see it,” he explained, “Someone can be different [to] you and still equal. They deserve everything I deserve.” Watch the video below: