Watch: What happens when two men hold hands in Russia?

It's a social experiment that's been done plenty of times before elsewhere in the world, but nothing comes close to this. As it emerges that homophobic attitudes in Russia have significantly increased over the last decade as the government continues to crack down on the LGBT community, two Russian YouTubers have secretly filmed themselves holding hands on the streets of Moscow to document the public's reaction. And it doesn't make for pleasant viewing. russia The shocking footage sees the boys behind ChebuRussiaTV - who are usually known for their prank videos - face a barrage of verbal abuse, suffer physical assault and even be forcibly prised apart by one man who comes close to attacking the pair. The video has been viewed almost a million times since being posted yesterday (July 12), but be warned, it's seriously uncomfortable viewing. More stories: Nick Jonas on courting gay fans: ‘It comes from a loving, genuine place’ Delta Goodrem clebrates equal marriage at friend's wedding with new song