Watch: Who wants to see Cristiano Ronaldo take a cold bath?

Apparently not content with sending us into a sexual frenzy through ab-flashing appearances on Japanese television and man-on-man crotch grabs, Cristiano Ronaldo's decided to ensure we get absolutely nothing done this morning by posting a 'home recovery' video online. That 'recovery' came after Real Madrid's 2-1 win over Turkish club Galatasaray on Wednesday (August 19), and basically involved getting into his home's plunge-pool in nothing but a pair of white, wet boxer shorts. ronaldo We'll let the video do the talking. Watch Cristiano's definitely-for-sports-education-and-nothing-else cold bath video below. (You're gonna be needing one of your own afterwards...) More stories: In pics: The best bits of the Warwick Rowers new trailer Artist re-imagines Disney princes as real-life hunks