Well-endowed lifeguard receives painfully awkward email from boss about his 'visible anatomy'

A lifeguard from the United States has published an embarrassing email he received from his boss, who advised the young employee the ginormous size of his manhood was causing concerns among bystanders. Not wanting to be the bearer of bad news immediately, the - in fairness not unsympathetic - boss, named only as John, told the 20-year-old what a “great job” he had been doing, reports the Gaily Grind. “We have received a few complaints in the past few weeks from a few members about your attire,” he writes. “I’m not sure the most prudent way I can put this, but a few parents have complained about how visible your anatomy is in your suit. “Now, please understand that this is not an issue for me, and none of the other guards have indicated this is a problem for them.” After explaining to the young chap he was just repeating what he has been “told by several members” (pardon the obvious pun), the manager says the best-case scenario to rectify the situation would be via a pair of pool shorts. “The possibility I see at this point is offering you the board shorts instead,” he says. lifeguard-email The lifeguard who received the email, bore his heart two years ago on Reddit as a then 20-year-old around the challenges of living each day with a penis measuring some six inches flaccid, and 9.5 inches when enlarged. “Wearing any kind of athletic shorts (Under Armour, Nike, etc. basketball/lacrosse shorts) produces a noticeable bulge, to the point where some people have thought I had a boner,” he writes. “I avoid skinny jeans, but normal jeans are generally fine, especially if I have a longer shirt that can cover that area a little bit. I actually wear jeans for as long as I can before the weather gets too hot because I never look forward to wearing shorts. “Even with normal swim trunks / board shorts, there is a fairly large bulge, especially when getting out of the water.” “I’ve actually been asked by the management at several water parks to wear ‘appropriate swimwear’ the next time, because apparently in their rules they have a section about ‘revealing swimwear'.” More stories: Pics | Austin Armacost strips off as the new face of aussieBum and Prowler Gus Kenworthy: ‘My boyfriend and I were denied a double bed in Russia’