What happened after a gay couple were told to leave Burger King?

1418067364_413794_1418067615_noticia_normalDozens of same-sex couples have staged a kiss-in at a Burger King restaurant in Madrid after a gay couple were asked to leave the establishment for kissing. The couple, aged 18 and 19, were eating in the Plaza de los Cubos restaurant on November 29, when a security guard asked them to leave after two families complained, El Pais reports. One of the teenagers, who is using the pseudonym Jaime, said: "He said to us that we couldn’t do things like that. That there were children around." A married couple who were sitting nearby jumped to the defence of the teenagers, and got into a verbal disagreement with the complaining families, who argued that the kiss was setting a "bad example" for their children. The young gay couple decided to leave the restaurant in order to avoid any further trouble. However, when news of the security guard's actions went viral on social networks, dozens of gay and lesbian couples decided to visit the restaurant and kiss each other in protest. The protest prompted an official statement from Burger King, who emphasised that "the security guard had acted on his own initiative". They added that they had taken "immediate action to deal with the incident", but did not specify what action was taken. More Stories: > Olympics adds sexual orientation to non-discrimination policy > Watch what happened when a 30-stone man entered Mr Gay UK