What you didn’t know about Apple CEO Tim Cook

The out and proud business executive is one of the industry's most powerful figures.


There are a number of amazing and inspiring stories about successful leaders whose actions inspire change in so many people. Their stories are not your typical straightforward business ones, but actually, they are filled with surprising elements that up until now are not getting the well-deserved recognition.

In today’s focus is the gay Tim Cook, the brilliant Apple CEO. Note that his public acknowledgment is changing and shaping the easing society that we are part of.

But his inspiring story is not based on the fact that he openly discussed his orientation, instead, we are going to see how this fact corresponds with all of the other impressive traits that Cook has and see how he used these traits to become the person he is today.

We are going to discuss some of the most impressive facts about Tim Cook, the Apple CEO, which you have probably never heard of.

The Backstory

Cook is born in a village in Alabama in 1960 and he continued to the road of education which granted him a degree in technology and a degree in business administration by the year 1988.

After finishing school, he entered the field of engineering as a starting point in his career. He was employed by IBM where he had a successful career of 12 years.

The Apple Career

When thinking about Apple, we are driven to the success of their shares and the amazing thing is the fact that you can actually go to where you can get a better understanding of this subject that is closely tied to the success of Tim Cook.

Cook’s has joined Apple in 1998, where he served as a senior vice president of operations and was later promoted to chief of global sales in the Macintosh division. The success of Apple shares is tied to the ability to represent impressive and innovative products that solely focus on the users. This is rather important to know because, in August 2011, Cook succeeded Jobs as Apple’s chief executive.

A major turn in his career, as he managed to maintain the success of Apple’s stocks. So, as years are passing by, Cook’s main focus is to keep the innovative machine going and create an exciting product that will keep the long-term investors satisfied.

His Ambitions and Generosity There are so many interesting things about Tim Cook that people are not really aware of and his ambitions and generosity are often overlooked. As it is stated in so many cases by now, Cook is a hard-working man that is goal-oriented and will do everything to achieve better results. He is fighting for his dreams and is responsible for the success of the biggest tech companies out there. But his ambitions are not the only quality trait that is recognizable for Cook.

His generosity and his determination to help and inspire the young people around him, especially the gay community, show us how big-hearted and wholesome of a person he actually is.