What's it really like to be gay in the military?

A group of gay men have spoken about what it is like to serve their country while calling on greater progress for gay rights in the military. Filmmakers from Buzzfeed interviewed openly gay men in What’s It Like To Be Gay In The Military, and while it’s been a couple of year’s since the American repealed its ‘Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell’ laws, the men spoke about the level of stigma which still exists today, and creates a challenging environment for gay men to disclose their sexuality. “Before ‘Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell, there was no rules,” says Steve Clark Hall, a retired US Navy Commander who served for 24 years. “The rules were, you didn’t park your car anywhere near a gay bar, if you wanted to go to a gay bar, you got in your car and drove from San Diago to LA so nobody else would see you there.” You can watch the video below: More stories: 8 important figures from gay history you might not have known What’s life really like as a webcam boy?