Which country's men have the largest penis on average?

It's an age old question, and now it's finally been answered. After some extensive research, Target Map has discovered where you can find the biggest penises in the world. No, really. On average, it was found that men with the biggest (6.3 - 7 inches) on average can be found in Ghana, Gabon and Nigeria. RyanAir fly there, right? If you're looking to holiday a little closer to home, then fear not, because Italy an Norway both placed high up on the list too. But where did the UK feature? Well, according to the data, we fall somewhere in the middle, with the average size being between 5 and 6 inches. Anyway, as the saying goes, it's not the size that matters anyway. Meanwhile, last month, new data found some alarming results when it came to men and their feelings about their manhood. A survey found that more than one in three men living in the UK are unhappy with the size of their package. “There are other interesting results: 36% of British men and their partners are dissatisfied with their penis size. "Our research reveals the scale of dissatisfaction amongst men, and shows that the problem of body image is particularly acute in Britain compared to similar Western nations."