Who's your Daddy? Derek Theler strips off for Attitude

In the current issue of Attitude, out now, we feature impossibly handsome Baby Daddy star Derek Theler in our Active section for a smoking hot L.A.-superhero-themed shoot.  HARG5720 You have become such a popular guy, mainly because you whip your top off so much. Is that a requirement for playing Danny? It must look like I have it written into my contract that I have to take my shirt off every two episodes, but it’s not true. When I see it come up in the script – oh, Danny takes off his shirt – I’m not shocked but it means I have to make sure I go to the gym a couple of more times that week. Having my shirt off so regularly means I make sure that I stay in my best shape. I am always ready for it. You’re a whopping 6’5 and incredibly sexy – do you think that helped you land work? I definitely think my looks have helped. I always have to try to look my best and my size does make me stand out a little bit. I think it has helped get some opportunities but it does take a hell of a lot of work to do this job. When I first arrived in L.A. I put a lot of money and time in to acting classes; it’s a give and take with my size. It’s hard to get in the door and have a conversation when you are the size of the door. But I am thankful I’m in the position that I am in, and I use it to my advantage. Do you get people trying to whip off your shirt in public? My TV mom Melissa Peterman is terrible. Whenever we are doing interviews or after we’ve finished taping the show she is always trying to get me to take my clothes off in front of people. People do ask, but if I’m at a bar or at the market then the answer is usually no. HARG6375 Are you on a strict diet? No, not really. I just watch what I eat and I make sure I work out daily. It’s important to look good for my career. And it’s healthy too. I have type one diabetes so I have to be careful about what I eat and I have to stay healthy. If people wanted to look like you, what should they eat? I don’t eat a lot of carbs like bread. I eat a lot of fruit and vegetables and meats and rice. Bottom line, my diet is mainly meat and vegetables. What’s the dream role? I want to play a superhero. That was why I came to Hollywood. When Marvel started making movies I wanted to be part of that. I’m really excited about the next move and I hope I get the opportunity to wear a cape! It’s every boy’s dream. And I can’t wait to do it. Well, you look like a superhero so it would be madness for you not to be. Well, stay tuned and let’s see what happens! With thanks to The Standard, Los Angeles, where we shot these fab pics of Derek.  • Baby Daddy airs on E4. You can read our full interview with Derek, and see five pages of stunning pics, in the new issue of Attitude - in shops now and available to download from And fans of Derek who download the digital version of the mag from are in for a special treat - we've crammed in even more chat and pics with Derek that we couldn't fit into the print mag!AWARDS COVERS  650px X 150px ATTITUDE TV BANNER