Will and Grace actor Leslie Jordan confronts men over anti-gay slurs

The diminutive Will and Grace star Leslie Jordan is not someone you’d want to mess with. When three men repeatedly used the slur “f*ggots” at a Starbucks in gloriously gay West Hollywood, another customer and a manager asked them to leave. Jordan – all four feet and eleven inches of him – couldn’t help but pitch in. The openly gay actor, who is a regular at that Starbucks, yelled, “Get out of my house!” Leslie-Jordan A photographer named Joseph Daniels told that the confrontation continued outside, and he and another customer went to back Jordan up. “[One] guy lunged at Leslie to hit him,” Daniels said. “Then Leslie threw his drink at the guy. Then [another] guy threw his drink to hit me.” Sheriff’s deputies arrived at the scene and spoke with those involved. No charges were filed. Jordan posted a brief statement on Facebook today, saying he “was hoping to remain silent on the incident at Starbucks but somehow the story found legs and has made its way into the press.” He wrote, “Truth be told it was ‘sweet’ iced tea, not coffee. I am a ‘sweet’ mannered Southern boy who was taught not to start a fight. Nobody ever told me I could not end one. I refused to sit and watch these hate crimes continue. I guess our work for equality is not done yet!” Check out Jordan's entire post here. Meanwhile, here’s a video that captured part of the heated exchanges outside the store after Sheriff’s deputies intervened: