Will & Grace return teased in poster reveal

The first teaser image for the rebooted series of Will & Grace has been released. The show's original cast (Eric McCormack, Debra Messing, Megan Mullally and Sean Hayes) are all returning for a run of new episodes later in the year. The show’s original showrunners, Max Mutchnick and David Kohan, are also returning along with James Burrows, who directed every episode of Will & Grace's eight-year run. Megan Mullally, who played Karen Walker on the show, tweeted the image, which features the core cast sitting in directors chairs with their characters' names on, facing away from the camera. She captioned the image "Here we go again, honey." No date has been announced yet for the return of Will & Grace, but the poster says the show will return in the autumn. The cast have already been filming so it shouldn't be too far off. NBC recently announced that the episode count of the reboot has been extended from 10 to 12. Last month the cast shared pictures from the set as they filmed the revival. McCormack took to Twitter with an image of the core cast alongside the caption, “Spent the last three days with these loons & boy, are my arms tired.” Mullally, who recently spoke about Madonna’s guest appearance, also shared an image with the caption, “Back in drag,” after sharing some “Promo shoot secrets.” Mullally recently revealed to Attitude just how alike her and her character Karen Walker are. When we asked her what percentage Karen Walker she is in her real life, Megan replied: “Low, thankfully.” She added: “But doesn’t everybody have a part of them that wishes they could say whatever the fuck they wanted to without having to worry about it?” The revival of Will & Grace comes after the cast reunited for a scene about the 2016 election. Watch it below: More stories: American Gods will air ‘most pornographic gay sex scene’ in TV history Debbie Harry is an ‘LGBT+ godmother’ and she wants to see more men’s arses