'Will & Grace' revival script raises questions about Grace's love life

The return of Will & Grace is less than two months away, and we're learning more and more about what our favourite foursome have been up to in their decade away from our screens. We already know that the events of the series finale will be addressed, Will & Grace will be living together, and Karen will be in possession of a monkey. Naturally. But what about Grace's love life? The finale of the original series saw Grace (Debra Messing) reuniting with her ex-husband Leo (Harry Connick Jr.). The pair re-marry and supposedly raise their daughter together, but a leaked script page from the upcoming series appears to suggest otherwise. Series co-creator Max Mutchnick recently posted a script page from one of the upcoming episodes in which Grace talks about dating. "I date. I went on a date last night," she tells Karen and Jack. Karen can't help getting a dig in about Grace's sex life (or lack thereof), telling her friend she's worried she's going to "shrivel and close up down there", continuing to prove that everyone should have a Karen Walker in their life. Well, we think that clears that one up. Will & Grace returns to NBC September 28 at 9pm. No word on a UK broadcaster yet. More stories: New documentary ‘Shape Up’ examines homosexuality in black barbershops Kathy Griffin shaves head in support of cancer-stricken sister