Will Young opens up about deleting Grindr: 'It can be unhealthy'

Will Young has revealed why he deleted Grindr. The Jealously singer has explained that after going without sex for over two years, he confided in a friend who told him to download the dating app and find himself a man. Young says at first he was worried because of his celebrity status, but he soon put that to the back of his mind. “He just said: ‘Who cares?’ And yeah, who cares? I’m an adult," he told The Guardian. However, it turned out people kept reporting his profile as fake, and at one point he even got blocked. In the end, Will decided enough was enough and he got rid of the app when he realised he wanted something different than just sex with a guy. He continued: “That was a time then, and I think it can move into unhealthy behaviour. Now I want a relationship that is a different thing to having a shag.” Back in May the Grace singer, who shocked the public when he quit Strictly Come Dancing last year, admitted last week that he was stunned pictures of his package hadn’t been leaked onto the internet. He said: “I’m amazed that, given the amount of people I’ve sent pictures of my cock to, that it’s not become famous, too. Maybe there’s just not enough interest in it?” However, less than 48 hours after remarks, explicit images of Will  managed to make it onto the web after a website published images that it said were of the singer.