Will Young was forced to re-record one of his biggest hits because he sounded 'too gay'

The 'Pop Idol' winner says he was confronted with homophobia during his early years in the industry.


Will Young has revealed that he was unknowingly made to re-record his biggest hits because he sounded 'too gay'.

The former Pop Idol winner topped the UK Singles Chart in 2003 with the heartfelt single 'Leave Right Now', but was asked to re-record the track after a label boss complained he sounded too "gay" on the original version.

Young, who has concentrated on on raising awareness of mental health issues since  the release of his last album, 2015's 85% Proof, made the surprising admission in a new interview with The Daily Telegraph.

"I didn't know at the time, but when I was recording 'Leave Right Now', someone at the record company said I 'sounded gay' and kept making me re-record the track," the 39-year-old revealed. 

"There's a real flavour to homophobia and bigotry. It's really shaming. People don't understand the power of language."

Young, who previously admitted the residual "shame" he felt about his sexuality left him addicted to pornography and alcohol, also addressed his decision to quit BBC reality show Strictly Come Dancing in 2016 following the re-emergence of his Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).

"I was really ill. I just couldn't do it anymore", he said.

"It was so bad I thought about breaking my leg to get out of [the show]." 

Watch Will Young's video for 'Leave Right Now' below: