X Factor's Freddy Parker covers Amy Winehouse's 'Love Is A Losing Game' - WATCH

Freddy Parker's departure from The X Factor in week two may have been a tad premature, if his latest music video is anything to go by. The 18-year-old who lost out to finalist Saara Aalto in the sing-off, uploaded a video of himself covering a heartbreaking ballad from Amy Winehouse's Back To Black album, which he used to audition for the show. Seems that even after leaving The X Factor, Freddy's still got a lot to show us - quite literally sometimes, as that rather revealing Instagram video showed earlier this year. Watch Freddy Parker's take on 'Love Is A Losing Game' below: More stories: ‘Looking’ re-viewed: Did the polarising gay drama deserve all the criticism? X Factor contestant Freddy Parker's bulge may have broken the internet - WATCH