X-Men actor thrilled his character's come out

In leaked pages from All-New X-Men’s latest issue, much-loved character Iceman/Bobby Drake – played by actor Shawn Ashmore in the hugely popular film series – comes out as gay following years of fan speculation. And Ashmore himself couldn't be happier at the news that the character he plays on the big screen is now out and proud. The actor took to Twitter this week to congratulate his character: https://twitter.com/ShawnRAshmore/status/590551628186578944 X-Men-06 That's not all - as tweets flooded in from excited fans, Ashmore had something of a realisation: just THINK of the fan fiction that's going to come out of this. https://twitter.com/ShawnRAshmore/status/590697947987324932 Seems Ashmore's fine about 'playing gay' in any upcoming X-Men films too: https://twitter.com/ShawnRAshmore/status/590697174217920512 We're so ready for a gay Iceman on the big screen - bring it, Ashmore.