Y-3 launch first range of outer space apparel with Virgin Galactic

Y-3 are already known for being at the forefront of innovation in fashion, so it came as no surprise when they announced their latest collaboration involved actual space travel. Y-3 and Virgin Galactic are going to work together for outfits and accessories for both the space staff and it's customers on the world's first commercial spaceline (ticket holders for the first flight are rumoured to include The Biebs; Katy Perry; Brangelina and Stephen Hawking) - and now they'v revealed a prototype flight-suit and boot for Virgin Galactic's Astronaut crew. As well as all the prototypes for the space apparel, Y-3 and Virgin Galactic have produced a bespoke limited edition Y-3 & Virgin Galactic partnership jacket too, just in case you're not going to be up in space with the likes of Lady Gaga and Bieber. Y-3.VG.Flight boot3_web_Final Y-3.VG.Flight boot1_web_Final Y-3.VG.Flight Suit Cinemagraph For more visit y-3.com. More stories: ‘What I’ve learned dating HIV-positive guys’ Watch | YouTube star Calum McSwiggan apologises for bareback porn past