Years & Years' Olly has some advice on how to treat gay guys

Years & Years frontman Olly Alexander has taken to Twitter to issue some advice as to how to treat guys who kiss guys. The 25 year-old, who is currently in a relationship with Clean Bandit violinist Neil Milan Amin-Smith, has shot down people who think it's okay for girls to kiss girls, but not for guys to kiss guys. olly alexander Taking to Twitter this morning (July 27), the King singer posted a shot of a note in which he also reminded women that just because he's gay, doesn't mean he's okay with being made to fondle their boobs. https://twitter.com/alexander_olly/status/625560921100779520 He wrote: "1. note to women who think because a guy is gay he wants to touch your boobs. "I do not want to touch your boobs". "2. if you think it's cute and sexy when girls make out with other cute and sexy girls guess what it's cute and sexy no matter who you are or who you make out with." Well said, Oliver. The breakthrough singer recently discussed his use of male pronouns on Year & Years debut album Communion - which scored a second week at Number One on the UK Albums Chart last Friday (July 24) - saying he finds it "sad" that some gay pop stars still feel like they can't direct their lyrics towards men. Years & Years currently sit at Number Three on the UK Singles Chart with their latest single Shine, which was inspired by Olly’s relationship with Neil – click here to watch the video. We recently sat down ourselves with Olly for an in-depth chat about life, love, and music, and discussed the topic of his sexuality – read what he had to say here. More stories: Happy birthday Olly Alexander! Five reasons we love Britain's best new gay pop star Comedian Joe Lycett: 'Being bisexual has its own challenges'