Yes, Lorraine Kelly knows exactly what a power bottom is - WATCH

The queen of daytime TV needs no telling during Attitude's LGBTQ Slang Challenge.


Lorraine Kelly has long been a vocal ally to the LGBTQ community, and as you might expect from a former recipient of Attitude's Honorary Gay Award, the queen of daytime TV knows her way around a slang phrase or two.

As the veteran broadcaster sat down to take part in Attitude's LGBTQ Slang Challenge during her incredible drag makeover shoot for Attitude's January 'Activists & Allies' issue - out now to download and to order globally - and she needed no telling when it came to some of the phrases that might make your mother blush.

"A power bottom?" Lorraine says when tasked with explaining the meaning of the term. "Ooh, is that somebody who's one the bottom... but they're kind of in control?"

Spot on, Lorraine. Spot

"I'm not sure how you would do that - you must work out a lot!" the 60-year-old adds with a giggle.

Lorraine's Slang Challenge episode certainly isn't the kind of broadcast you'd see from the Scottish presenter on a weekday morning, as she goes on to guess the meaning of terms like 'Celesbian' - "Is it a lesbian that likes Celine Dion?!" - and admit she'd like to take a bite out of Hugh Jackman.

Lorraine Kelly, shot by Conor Clinch exclusively for Attitude's January 'Activists & Allies' issue, out now

"Hugh Jackman's bum's quite nice. We'd bite that, wouldn't we?" she asks (you can guess our answer to that particular question).

"I would," she adds. "Obviously!"

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