You can now get your own Tom of Finland jockstrap

CDLP have unveiled a brand new limited edition Tom of Finland collection.


Tom of Finland's homoerotic illustrations have provided plenty of titilation over the years, and now others will be able to do the same while bearing the legendary art brand's name.

Swedish underwear brand CDLP has unveiled a new limited edition Tom of Finland collection designed to preserves and promote the work of the late Touko Valio Laaksonen, whose highly-fetishised drawings have made one of the most influential queer artists in history.

The two-piece collection a pair of white briefs and black jockstrap bearing a Tom of Finland-branded waistband, which CDLP founders Christian Larson and Andreas Palm say will "offer men an every-day way to feel confident and refined".

Part of the proceeds will go to the not-for-profit Tom of Finland Foundation - so you can sport your jockstrap knowing you're doing your bit to promote and preseve erotic art (while quite possibly creating your own...)

The collaboration between CDLP and Tom Of Finland is available now and can be purchased from and